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Hey there! I love to create simple textiles for purposeful living and thoughtful giving. All Cotton + Wood gifts are carefully designed and handmade by me in my home studio in the Illawarra, NSW. You'll find functional and beautiful items for everyday use or special gifts on offer. Simple, contemporary textiles made to last and have lasting impact on people, not the earth.

Since my Mum graciously let me loose on her sewing machine when I was young, I've loved creating special gifts for others over many years. More recently I've been particularly inspired by Forever Projects, founded here in the Illawarra by some of my long-term friends with an incredible story. Their team works on the ground to empower vulnerable families in Tanzania to move themselves from poverty. Their campaign to raise funds for a much-needed 4x4 vehicle in 2017 inspired me to use 'what's in my hands' and start my own label. After setting me up with an incredible platform to do so, and heaps of encouragement to be brave, I took the plunge and offered up some handmade totes and pouches for sale to support the cause. 

Just a few months earlier I'd visited Uganda with two of my dearest friends to see the impact of the Watoto Neighbourhood Program in restoring dignity to vulnerable women and helping them find hope and purpose in practical and holistic ways. I saw for myself how crucial a 4x4 vehicle was in tackling the demands of visiting and bringing crucial assistance in remote areas through treacherous roads. Read more about my 'why' on the Forever Projects blog along with a whole bunch of incredibly inspiring supporters!

The Cotton + Wood online store has become my way of supporting amazing causes by using what's in my hands in an ongoing way, as well as responding to local needs as they arise. I choose natural fibres where possible and love to connect you with the maker behind the handmade items you buy. Enjoy!


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